Give a Pocket Watch Gift!

Ever thought of giving an antique pocket watch gift? No! then read on because I've always found them to be the perfect gift for the perfect occasion!

Think about what makes for a good gift - ideally it should be unique, have some sort of intrinsic (real) value, maybe some sentimental value, be interesting for him and her, be treasured and 'worth' something. Rather than buy a gift that is plain boring, like frying pans and toasters, why not buy something that is unique and that no-one else is likely to give - a pocket watch gift!

After a few years, who is likely to remember who bought that iron or sandwich maker? On the other hand, I bet the person who bought the pocket watch gift will always be remembered - why? Well, because it's so different!

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by my Grand Father's smoking pipe - a simple pleasure for him, yet for me a total fascination. These days I always remember him for his pipe. Imagine, in years to come, after presenting the lucky recipient with a gift that is so different from all the other gifts that have been presented to them, they are always going to remember the one that you gave them.

So, what watch do you give as a gift? Well, buy a pocket watch that is a genuine antique (that is, at least 100 years old). Buy the best quality you can afford - watches by Elgin, Howard, Hamilton, and Illinois are especially worthy of collection, but my favorite would be a good quality railroad pocket watch by Ball. For some a strange selection, but remember, the gift you are giving has an association with something that has lasted a lifetime - with all the thought provoking ramifications associated with it. Phew! It's a bit heavy, but trust me - I speak from experience.

Everyone I know well knows I am nuts about pocket watches (well, watches in general), so it should come as no surprise that I give them as gifts. Every single time without fail, I have always received the most wonderful and appreciative letters of thanks for the unique and thoughtful (their words, not mine!) gift I have given - even though it may not have cost that much! Presented well in a nice display case it simply can't be beaten as a quality gift.

Where do you buy one? Well, if you haven't done so already, I would sign up with eBay and buy from a reputable seller. Send me a message if you would like to know where to safely buy your pocket watch gift from.

I hope this article has been helpful to those of you struggling with what to buy as a good gift, good luck with your purchase!

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